Doctor - person with appropriate qualifications and confirmed the required documents, to provide health care benefits, in particular: health tests, diagnosing diseases and their prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients, medical advice and give opinions and medical decisions in the field of their specialization

actor - person playing the role of the theater or in film.

model - The man presenting clothes at fashion shows, poses the photographer, painter, sculptor

policemen - uniformed and armed formation designed to protect the safety of people and property and to maintain public security and order. Its main function is to guard the law enforcement and prosecution of criminals, as well as providing protection and assistance in crisis situations for both people and property.

teacher - person who has completed 5.5 years of study at one of the departments of veterinary medicine and obtained the right to practice awarded by the National Chamber of veterinary surgeons, having qualified for the study and treatment of animals and the control of foodstuffs of animal origin.

nurse - independent employee exercises the health care of the patient, assists with endeavors, operations, filling orders in the process of medical diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, dealing with broadly defined health education and promotion of health.