BŁAGAM O POMOC !! Na jutro help me !!!!!!!!!!!!! 50 pkt


Napisz list formalny ( Formal letter ) na temat problemów w hotelu według planu z ćwiczenia 39 ( patrz ZAŁĄCZNIK ) . Skorzystaj z pomocy z ćwiczenia 38 ( patrz ZAŁĄCZNIK )
Co najmniej 130 słów !

Bardzo proszę o pomoc, bo mam to na jutro tą pracę

Jak czegoś nie odczytacie pytajcie !



Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to complain about the service I received during the stay at the Seaside Hotel on Saturday, August 7th.

First of all the room service was extremly unreliable. We ordered two simple dishes. However, they took over an hour to arrive and were cold.
Secondly, there was lack of staff. Although we needed help with heavy luggage, there was no porter to help us.
And on top of that I must express my dissatisfaction with the lack of staff. The brochure claimed there is a big pool available. Unfortunately, it was closed for repairs during our stay.

Taking into consideration all truble I suffered, I demand a full refund of my stay at your hotel. I hope this matter will recive your immediate attention.

Yours faithfully,

prosze o naj, pozdrawiam ;)