BŁAGAM O POMOC !! Na jutro help me !!!!!!!!!!!!! 50 pkt


Napisz list formalny ( Formal letter ) na temat problemów w hotelu według planu z ćwiczenia 39 ( patrz ZAŁĄCZNIK ) . Skorzystaj z pomocy z ćwiczenia 38 ( patrz ZAŁĄCZNIK )
Co najmniej 130 słów !

Bardzo proszę o pomoc, bo mam to na jutro tą pracę

Jak czegoś nie odczytacie pytajcie !
( Oczywiście zadanie po angielsku )



Dear hotel menager.
I started live in your hotel fith days ago. Sience I lived here I am not satisfied. Maids and room service are incompetent and vulgarly.
The maids does not clean up the bed and they does not brought clean towels. Sometimes my thing are lost but only your personnel have got key to my room.
Once I ordered lunch. When the room service brought it, It was cold and I found there humans' hair.
I was most scared because I saw a mouse in your hotel. This is unacceptable in the hotel.
I think you should talk with your personnel and do something with this mouse.
Respectfully, podpis.