Pracując w parach, zadajecie sobie pytanie i odpowiedzcie na nie pełnymi zdaniami.
1. What's your favourite part of a newspaper/ magazine?
2. Would you like to work for a newspaper or a magazine?
Why? Why not?

Chodzi o napisanie tego w formie dialogu.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello xD
Can We tell about our hobby
Yes, There is no problem. I have so mane speare time so i wont to use it
So Tell me <tu pytanie1>
My favourite part of magazine is that which superman married with her beautiful wife <np>
Becouse that is so Moving<wzruszający>
Yes that Job is so interesting and excited The Pay is quite good and i like comics

Daj mi za to Naj będę naprawdę wdzięczny

A: Hi Michael, what's your favourite part of a newspaper/magazine?
M: Hi Adrian. My favourite magazine is "MVP". I like it very much because it's very intresting and I love basketball.
A: Soo, you like it very much, understand. Would you like to work for this magazine, "MVP" ?
M: I think it's hard to say because, write something about some popular footballer, basketball players and others is very, very hard but of course, I wanna work in magazine.