Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A więc, tak nie wiem jak długie ma to być ale spróbujemy :)

That's my travel diary.

First day,
When I arrived at the airport in Republic Of Dominican, I bought some cookies, magazines and a little cup of coffee, to had some energy kick!. I sat down in a restaurant. After that I took a cab and went to the Hotel. Yeah I was five star resort called Hilton Towers! Rooms were very luxuries and comfortable.

Second day,
When I got up at 10 a.m. first thing which I did, was
reservation for a 1 day trip around the island. It cost me $199. I paid by a credit card, then I returned to hotel room, and took out my smaller bag. I packed some things to it, I was ready for a trip. At 5 p.m. bus took me for a trip.

Third day,
Ohh, Night trip around the coast was fantastic, I took some pictures. We saw people who were training Nordic Walking.
Finally when we arrived at tent camp. I left my bag near the tree. When I came back from toilet, I realized that someone stole my camera. I was really sad.

Myślę że jest okej, jeżeli jest zbyt krótkie, prosze o pw postaram się coś jeszcze dopisać. Good Luck :)