Let's go south to the desert,
There is golden sand everywhere,
last year we went to themountains,
and I don't want to go back there,
it's hotter than the mountains,
and more exotic than the mountains,
the desert is fun whit lots of sun,
so let's go there this year!
let's go east to the hills,
there are trees and plants everywhere,
last year we went to the river,
and cleaner than the river
the hills are great, you can climb all day
so let's go there this year!

Ułóż jeszcze jedną zwrotkę po angielsku
z góry dzięki



Let's go over the sea! There are a lot of water.
You can swim and lie in the sun!
You can build sand castles.
You can come to the beach
boat or swim.

Krótka, ale moze być ?
46 4 46
The sand is hot,
and fun a lot.
With me and you,
we will not be bored!
I like to see an ocean
Don't play with my emotions
Just take me there!
I want build sand castle
I wan't sleep under naked sky
And count the stars
This nature is so beatiful
Just take me there!
Waves are small
And water isn't cold
I wan't catch fish in the ocean
With help only my hands.
You can climb with me
I can help you!
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