Write newspaper story about the forest fire. Use the story in Exercise
10a( to raczej nie jest potrzebne) and the phrases in Exercise 10b
to help you.
parahraph 1 what happened, where and when
paragraph 2 How did it happen
paragraph 3 what was the result ?

catch fire, strong winds, very hot weather, leave their homes, burn, drop
a cigarette, dry leaves,not control the fire,
( czas przeszly i najlepiej zeby bylo pare zdan z Past)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The story began in July in Greece. It was not first happening in this parts but... That was the most terrible. Everything started when 2 young mens was smoking in forest. Of course, everyone know, they should not do this. While they were walking, temperature was growing up and up. The weather was very hot. At least it had more then 40 degree! And right now, one of this young men, dropped a cigarette. Grass started to burn. Everyting was catching fire. Wind was strong so fire was diffusing very fast. No one could control the fire. After few hours, when fire guard tried to do somehing, inhabitants had started to leave their homes. Near 20 people died in this time. That was the worst fire catastrophe since 1982.
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