1. Tell about a story you have read recently.
- Who was it by?
- What was it about?
- What happened in it?
- Is it worth reading?
- Why was it good (or bad)?

2. Discuss these questions.
a) Have you ever seen discrimination against people because they were different? How did you fell?
b) Have people from your country emigrated to other countries? Where did they go? Why did they leave? Have they suffered from discrimination?
c) Are they any foreign immigrants in your country? What problems do they have?

Bardzo bym prosił, by na zadanie pierwsze odpowiedzieć tak w 7-10 zdaniach, natomiast w zadaniu drugim wystarczy po 2-3 zdania do podpunktu.
Z góry bardzo dziękuję!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Few days ago I've read Sophie's World written by Jostein Gaarder. Book is about girl named Sophia who's begins a strange correspondence course in philosophy with man called Alberto. Every day she get a letter with some questions about life. Alberto also teach her about philosopher and their ideas. In the ends Sophie and Alberto find out that they are imaginative characters from book which was written by Albert Knag for his daughter. That book was amazing, I've learned a lot about philosopher's and their ideas and the way which people think's in the past, also it moved my imagination. That book is definitely wirth reading.

a) Only one time I've seen a discrimination against people who're diffrent. At the bus stop old lady offend a young man because he was a afroamerican. I was ashamed that she treat him like that.

b) In my country lot of young people emigrate to other countries to earn money. Most offen they go to England, Australia, Ireland and Germany. I think they don't suffer from discrimination, because in our time people are more tolerant and open.

c) In my country live's a lot of foreign immigrants and they all conect to nationals minority's. They might have problems with comunication, our language and stereotypes about them.

Mogły się tu pojawić błędy odnośnie czasów, filologii angielskiej w końcu nie kończyłam, ale jak na gimnazjum to powinno styknąć;)