1. How long is your life different from the one of a famous person?
2. What are the most enjoyable and most stressful moments in young people's life?
3. Do you think there are more and less harmful addictions? Why, do you think so?

Proszę o odpowiedzi na te pytania w języku angielskim. (3-4zdania). Na 11.02.2010. PILNE!



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1. My life is very different from the one of a famous person. They day is less boring for example, they have much cash and they can buy everything what they want.
2.The most enjoyable moment in young people's life maybe first kiss or for example first date. The most stressful moment is to get number one in school and go to home and say it. ;)
3.I think yes because some is more dangerous than others. More harmful addictions is for example drinking alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Example of less harmful is drinking coffee or non-stop playing computer games.
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