Angielski 1 gimnazjum . Exam Challenges 2 . Michael Harris , David Mower , Anna Sikorzyńska , Anna Badetko .

Strona : 126,127 . Tekst Theseus and the Minotaur . (Tezeusz i Minotaur)

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First from them these are a mythical Posejdona son and Ajtry, formally son of the Aegeus, of the Athens. brought up apart from the house from anxiety of dnymi of throne with sons of one's Pallasa paternal uncle. Of him wej of moths in doros about in order to for raising the g azu, under kt the Ajgeus rhyme will leave for him sword and sanda y. A si is attributing seven works to him (analogous to twelve Heraklesa works), kt ray mia will carry out still before arriving in Aten.Tezeusz bra udzia in the war with the Amazons, zako czonej after with liking their kr lowej, Antiope. Their son - Hipolitos sta si then with object with us tno for you of next ony of Tezeusz - of Phaedra, kt ra, odtr cona by him, pope not and samob jstwo, Oscar ow c fa szywie Hipolitosa. Tezeusz will drive out of it and only after his mierci will get to know of truths. In of files the one sta si with topic of many dramatics zar wno author in ancient as well as it's time in mniejszych, among others of Eurypides, Seneka, or Racine
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Theseus was of foreign origin. Father called Ajgeus, while his mother Ajtra. She was a princess from Trojzeny. Her husband abandoned her.
Once, he played Theseus and Heracles knew then that he wywróżył great future. Now is the time when his father moved to Athens. Along the way, defeated Sciron and Simulusa, and cruel Prokrutesa.
When arriving in Athens, he wanted to win the love and affection of people, so he went on a huge bull, which raged in the vicinity of Marathon. When you beat him, no one was happy, because at the same time, there was mourning. Chosen seven girls and boys, so they offered to drive the heat of the monster, the Minotaur, who was in a maze. Theseus decided to kill the monster. Everyone who came into this maze, it has not gone out. But the princess Ariadne helped Theseus. Gave him a thread at the entrance to the maze. Walking, ball evolved, indicating the way back. Theseus succeeded in killing the Minotaur. When he walked out of the maze of boarded the ship with him Ariadne. Went on a long journey.

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