Najpier ci to przetlumace na polski::::
I `d, jak pojechać na wakacje z moich znajomych tego lata, ale i can` t really sobie na to pozwolić (Chciałabym wyjechać z przyjaciółka na wakacje w lecie ale mnie nie stac)
odp;somehow can stretch the money from the parents must be very polite and I have to help my parents are, and will certainly give me the money
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
How are you? I know you may be a bit sad now but don't worry. I will try to give you some advice to help you solve your problem.
I think everyone would like to spend holidays in a nice place especially if your friends are there but sometimes it may be expensive. If I were you, I would take up a summer job to earn money you need. You can be for example a fruit picker, you can work in restaurant or be a babysitter. If you can't find a job maybe someone from your family needs help in housework or would like you to take care of their children while they are at work. In my opinion it's better to earn own money than borrow them. Then you will have this wonderful feeling of satisfaction and what's the most important you will be able to go on your dream holidays!
I hope my advice will be useful and your dreams about great holidays will soon come true.

Best wishes,

proze o naj ;)
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I have got a terrible problem. I haven't got a money. If i don't earn some money She break off with me. I wont cry i wont die but i can't . I love her and i can't let her stay me alone. Tomorrow i get some job. The pay doesn't must not be extra much becouse i have a lot of time to summer. I rather wont work and help with my dad but i must do it. The love is most important thing in the world