Holiday in Poland is a special time for everyone. The sun is shining, water is warm, there is no rain, children don't have to go to school. We can do a lot of things during holiday time. There are some examples how to spend spare time :

- We can go swimming (in the pool or in the sea etc.)
- We can play a lot of summer games like for example : voleyball, football, basketball - with our friends.
- We have a lot of free time to learn some new things, or we can even perpare to the new school year ;p But I think, that's very rare.
- We can also meet new people, visit new places, take up a new hobby.

These are only few of thousands thing we can doduring the summer time.
But always remember : We should do thing which are not dangerous for us ! ;]

Pozdrawiam, HazyBog

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