My parrents bought a hause in Scotland and, one day, I saw two ghosts !
I was in my bedroom I saw them. First, saw a ma. He was standing next to the window. Then I saw a woman. She was sitting on the bed. They were very sad, so it was scary. I spoke to them, but they didn't speak to me. After that, they disappeared and I didn't see them again. The next day, I read a story at the library. Many years ago, a family lived in our hause. The parents died and their daughter stayed in the hause with her aunt. I often see the sad ghosts, but I'm never frightened. I know that they're looking for their dought.
One day, my grandmother sent me to the cemetery at the grave of my deceased uncle .I say her that I will go the next day. When it got late, I went to sleep in her room. I must add to this room once belonged to my late uncle. At night, something woke me. There was nobody in the room and I felt someone's presence. At one point I heard the sound of incendiary light. I began to fear. After some time the sound stopped. Instead, I began to hear someone on tiptoe. Then I remembered how my grandmother told me that my uncle always tapped on tiptoe. I knew that whoever is in my room is the spirit of a deceased uncle. He came to me at night because I did not go to the cemetery to his grave. Then the only thing I did during the night prayer. I prayed and it helped. Sounds disappeared and they no longer heard. The other day I went to the cemetery. Remember if someone sends you to the grave of the deceased to go without hesitation. Unless you like me to hear and feel the presence of a deceased person in the vicinity.