I am 10 years I imagine the world as a great tale. Fable because everything is so fantastic, everyone is popular, everyone will be nice all he could trust not imagine nieniawiści.również world as a great car journey across the sky, the street will be just in the air.
po polsu:Ja za 10 lat wyobrażam sobie świat jako wielka bajka. Bajka dlatego ponieważ wszystko będzie fantastyczne ,kazdy będzie lubiany,miły każdy każdemu będzie mógł sobie zaufać nie będzie nieniawiści.również świat wyobrażam sobie jako wielka podróż samochodami po niebie,ulica po prostu będzie w powietrzu. mysle ze dobrze bo niewiem o co ci dokladnie chodzi
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In my opinion there will be less people in the future because the year to year birth rate is decreasing. There also will be a change in dressing customs. The need for fruits and vegetables will increase because these will become the main meal ingredients. In this way the average lifetime will extend. The number of the sick will decrease. Medicine will invent chemicals for most severe illness. The law will become more favourable for everyone. Global hunger will vanish. Children will become much smarter. I think that it's going to be much better in future.
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In my opinion, nothing will change. 10 years everything will be the same. [Unless it appears that the world would end on the expected 2012rok p]
therein but without people to change. Some are older. Become more comfortable. I believe that the world goes to the technique and we should start to get used to it.
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