In the spring flowers bloom, birds return from warmer countries, and begins to do the heat.
Fruits ripen in the summer, children play ball and compiling in the water.
Collected in autumn apples, doing cleanup in the garden and slowly coming winter.
In winter, children play in the snow, better snowman and the day becomes shorter.
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Spring is the season which is getting warmer and the climate does warm slowly. The days are getting longer. The sun begins to shine from morning to evening. Sometimes the rain falls and there are winter ends. its flowers from the earth and the environment becomes feel color and beautifully done. They look to the animals and insects. Grass green.

Autumn leaves on the trees are very colorful. When containing more wind, falling from trees, rotating happily. Autumn is a very windiest season. Water in ponds, lakes and rivers is of a gray, sad color. Most people fall embraces sadness and depression, as odlecą beautiful and colorful birds, but instead they appear ravens.

In the winter it snows, people spend time skiing, on snowboard or sledge. Others prepare snowmans and snow creatures. At home they sit drinking hot chocolate or a cup of tea in a family atmosphere.

In the summer it is very hot. It is nice to spend time by a lake or sea. Children and adults play various sports: football, basketball, swimming and so on. People sunbathe in the hot sun to become tanned.