Sorry bardzo diekuje za rozwozanie ale nie oto mi chodzilo ma byc z anglika o polski slawnym (znanym) budynku,ile turystuw go odwiedza,dlaczego jest slawny czeba go opisac.Ale żeby wypracowanie bylo na 1 strone A4i łatwe jak na szkol podstawowom dzeki z gury.:)



History of the Royal Baths is associated with Jazdów, where already in the thirteenth century was the seat of the dukes of Mazovia (before it was moved to the Royal Castle). After inclusion of Mazovia into the Crown (1526) Jazdów in 1548 became the property of Queen Bona. Then built a wooden mansion here (north of today's Ujazdowski Castle), and also arranged zoo. In the seventeenth century to the next owner bought the property of the Crown Marshal Stanislaw Lubomirski Heraclius. In the forest which is a remnant wildlife Lubomirski staged two recreational pavilions: hermitage and a bathroom. Hermitage Museum exists today (in the so-called. Lazienki Northern, the st. Agrykoli), while the bathroom - designed by Tylman Gameren - was wonderfully are set into the walls of the palace on the Island. This is the whole complex is called the Baths.Visited by many people because they are beautiful.Visited by about 1,000 people a day.-to o łazienkach w warszawie.