On my winter holiday I was in my aunt's. I was there with my parents. There was a lot of snow. We went on a sledge everyday. Once we were on an ice rink and I fell. We went to doctor, but he said that there's nothing wrong with my ankle. Next day we went to the cinema and I started to cry, because I had an ankle ache. My parent went with me to the hospital and they said that I broke my leg. They gave me a gypsum and for last week of holiday I couldn't went out. It was horrible.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My winterholihays I spent at home.Often I visited my friends. We went for walks.In the evenings I watched TV and I read a book.When I had free time I played computer games and sufred the web. The first week passed very quickly.In the second week I had to leard few of subjects.My winterholidays passed very quickly and I wait for next free time.
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