Proszę o sprawdzenie i ewentualne poprawki do poniższego tekstu. (poprawiając proszę o napisanie poprawnie całego zdania, a nie samego wyrazu bądź zwrotu)
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Before school
I usually get up at 7 o'clock. (Sometimes earlier, because I have to do my homework). First I turn on the music. Then I quickly make my bed and I go to the bathroom. I wash my eyes, face and I brush my teeth. Then I dress up and I comb my hair. After I pack my packed lunch into my rucksack. Afterwards I sometimes drink cup of capucino. (I don't eat breakfast before school). I leave the house at 7.30. I go by bus to school. It usually arrives at 7.36. (When the weather is good I usually go by foot. It takes about 15-20 minutes.) Going by bus takes 5 minutes. I like to get there early and chat with my friends or sometimes do my my homework.

The morning
My school day stars at 8 o'clock. Each lessons is 45 minutes. I usually have six lessons. My favourite subjects are: Maths, Art, German, English and Geography. The 10-minutes break is after each lesson. We also have 20-minutes lunch break. I always take a packed lunch to school, but a lot of students have lunch/dinner in the school canteen. My school usually finishes at 13.30 (On Tuesday it finishes at 14.25).

The afternoon
I usually go back at home by foot. When I get home, I wash my hands and I go to upstairs and I have dinner. After I usually surf the Internet, listen to music and chat with my friends. In summer I often ride a bike with them. (On Monday and Friday I go to the swimming pool and I go back to home at 5 p.m).

The evening
I usually start do my homework at 7 p.m. Before I sometimes go outside.
I eat some sandwiches on 8 p.m. Then I always watch TV from 8 p.m to 11 p.m. After I do my remaining lessons and I pack books into my rucksack. Then I go to the bathroom. I take a shower and I brush my teethe. Before the sleep I usually listen to music or read some magazines or books in my bed. I usually start to dream at half past midnight.



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First I turn on the music a nie lepiej:

I listen to music; my favourite band-....

Each lessons is 45 minutes .- nie wiem czy moze byc "is" nie lepiej "trwa"?

after each lesson I have 10-minutes break
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Wszystko dobrze, ale dopisz....

After THAT I do my remaining lessons and I pack books into my rucksack.
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