Napisz recenzje filmu, wykorzystując słowa:
It's about.
The films is set.
The director is.
it stars.
I think.
The soundtrack is.
the storyline is.
I really liked the film because.
I don't usually like.
I'm very glad I decided to watch this.



  • Użytkownik Zadane
Yesterday I saw the movie "Never in my life," directed by Ryszard Zatorski, a romantic comedy based on the novel of contemporary Polish writer Katarzyna Grochola.
Judyta, the main character played by Danuta Stenka, is a journalist in Warsaw, left by her husband decides to make changes in your life. This leads to build your own home, where he will dwell with his daughter. She had many challenges, like finding a man his life.
Despite the banal story the film was very funny. Conversations are filled with word games in an exciting and interesting. The actors playing the characters the film did a great job. The song used in the film are known to the public. Finally, it is not surprising, but impressive because it shows that everyone should believe in their dreams.