Work with a partner. Say which of these things you don't mind / like/ enjoy/ love/ hate/ can't stand doing, and why.

i tu sa wyrazy z tabelki:
write e-mails,
alk on the phone,
walk ,
go to parties,
go to the cinema,
read books,
read magazines,
give presents,
get presents,

I przyklad z ksiazki:

A: I can't stand cycling!
B: Really? I like cycling, but only when it's sunny! And I really enjoy going to parties..

potrzebuje to na dzisiaj :)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Write e-mails,
A: I don't mind writing e-mails, but i prefer talking with somebody live.
B: Me too.
alk on the phone,
a: I love talking on the phone! I can talk for hours.
b: Well... I don't, my mum is always shouting at me when i'm talking with somebody more than 5 minutes!
A: I enjoy walking. It's healthy.
B: I hate walking, my feet always hurts!
go to parties,
A: I love going to the parties!
B: Why?
A: It's great, you can dance, meet some new people, listen to some nice music.
B: I don't LOVE going to the parties, but i don't mind it.
go to the cinema,
a: I love watching movies, that's why i love going to the cinema.
b: Me too!
read books,
a: I can't stand reading books! It's sooo boring!
b: Are you kidding? I love reading, it's better than watching movies.
read magazines,
A: I really enjoy reading magazines. It's very interesting.
B: I know! I love reading magazines!
give presents,
a: I like giving presents and see smile on people faces.
b: I hate giving presents, I usually buy somebody something wrong and they're angry at me.
get presents,
a: I like getting presents. I usually get what I want.
b: I don't get what I want, that's why I don't really enjoy getting presents.
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