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My favourite place in my house is my room. This is my places, when I sleep, I do my homework. My room is rather big. Outside is a big wooden window. There is a blue carpet on the floor. In the middle of the my room is a table. My desk is next to the window. On the desk is my computer. In my room are red curtains, a lamp and radio. In front of the table there is a bookcase and a wardrobe. They are black and grey. The table is also black and the desk is brown. Besides I have got a TV in my room. I like my room very much.
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Łatwo jest zacząć od My room is .....
np. My room is big and spatial
znaczy : mój pokój jest duży i przestrzenny
np. In my room is a desk and on it is light
znaczy : W moim pokoju jest biurko a na nim stoi lampka
Powodzenia w pisaniu :-)
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