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zle odpowiedzi beda usuwane .Obrazek ma byc opisany bardzo dobrze dlatego daje tak duzo punktow-jesli ktos nie umie angielskiego niech sie wcale za to nie bierze





In the picture I can see two young girls- one of them is incompetent and she is sitting on invalid's wheelchair. Second is pushing her up i think she wants to go building. They're happy, both of them are laughing, smiling etc. Behind them is man. I think he is going to the same building that girls are going.

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a). In the picture are two girls and boy.
b). (nie wiem) They are in front of hospital/school/information bureau.
c). They are laughing. One of them is pushing invalid's wheelchair and second is sitting on it. The boy is reading something and going somewhere.
d). They are happy, because they're smiling. Generally I think, that they are feeling good.

The photo illustrates the problem of untolerance for incompetent and helping them in different hard for them situations.

II strona:
1. I think that not everyone feel comfortable among students. Some of "health" students hurts them by oppressing, indicate them by fingers and talking behind their back.
2. I think that their families should be responsible for their well-being of disabled people, because they are disabled for them, they know them and they are spending with them a lot of time, they are fostering them.
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The image
In the picture I can see two young women. One of them is sitting on the wheelchair. The second is steering her on the bay with blue rail. They're smiling.
In the background I can see a man who's walking somewhere and car park with cars.
The weather is great because people have got T-shirts and peaked cap.

1. I think, the disabled student doesn't feel comfortable among other students because they can say stupid things about his/her disability. It can be dispiriting for this student.

2. I think, the state should be responsible for the well-being of disabled people because everyone (money doesn't matter here) should have help from the state - not just obolary people. It's like the state's duty.