Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
"Human who change the world"
Human is one of things what GOD made. Human has built all our civilisation. The first thing what human made was a circle. Human made a things what we using everyday: computer, ipod, cds etc.
But human makes conflict in the world, too! Just Think about it. When not human work, then we will be more comfortable. What will be when we cant call to the friend or drive for far ways? That's all human work is making our life easy. Just think about it, how we can life without our computer,car. I'm think life without it, isn't easy. That hard human work build our civilisation. That work build us, by human work we change for better. We have more time to visit a grandmother, grandfather, uncle etc. We humans change world for better. GOD just testing humans, what they can to do.

:) jezeli to jest na ocene to bede wdzieczny jak mnie poinformujesz o tym , co dostales :) a tak wogole prosze o najlepsze:)