Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

"Krak, Polish prince, after securing the entire room turned their attention to the internal affairs unit of the State. First, therefore, on the lofty hill, which was called by the inhabitants of Wawel Hill, which dipped its waves Vistula River, built a royal castle. Then, for more of his warowności and ornaments city he founded, which gave his name and called them Krakow. However, misfortune haunted Krakow: Wawel Castle on the hill in the cave lived a monster huge size, with the appearance of a dragon or reptile. To satisfy their greed seized the cattle and sheep, not let even people. This greed so much alarmed the inhabitants of Krakow, that even thinking about leaving town. Krak said, so the carcass of the dragon cast filled with sulfur, decayed wood, wax, resin and pitch, so take care with fire and throw the beast, which will absorb them from the heat and flames digesting inside her at once fell and died.

The Prince Krak ruled the country for many years prudently and happily, and in old age has a happy life. To celebrate the funeral of his men and all the people according to custom it buried with due respect. And his grave to be stable and eternal, and that the descendants have not forgotten about it, they built up to such artificially and ingeniously nadsypując sand to the top of the hill on which it was filed, ruled over all the hills around. "

And what with that cave in which lived a dragon? Is. Called the Dragon's Den and its outlet is situated on the Vistula River at the foot of the Wawel Castle walls. In addition to facing the huge bronze dragon - sculpture B. Chromy. The interior of the cave studied in the nineteenth