Ułóż zdania z rozsypanki:

1. end/ road. /Go/ the/ to/ of/ the
2. first/ the/ left. / Take
3. past/ and/ Go/ hospital/ the/ right. turn/
4. corner/ South Street./ and/ It's/ the/ on/ Park Avenue/ of
5. please?/ Could/ repeat/ you/ children
6. adult/ and/ One/ two/ children
7. please?/ hve/ your/ card/ Can/ number, / I /
8. you/ Sorry, / say/ 15$. / did



2. Take the first left.
3.Go past hospital and turn right
4.It's on the corner Park Avenue and South Street
5.Could you repeat children please?
6.One adult and two children
7.Can i have yuor cart number. please?
8. Sorry. Did you say 15$
1.Go to the end of road
1.Go to the end of the road.
2. Take the first left.
3. Go past hospital and turn right.
4. It's on the corner of Park Avenue and South Street.
5. Could you children repeat please?
6. One adult and two children.
7. Can I have your card number, please?
8. Sorry, did you say 15$?