There was a church.
There was a castle.
There was a table.
There was a dragon.
There was a window.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.There was a cat near the school yesterday.
2.There was no policeman in the bank yesterday.
3.There was a blackboard in the classroom.
4.There was a pizza in the fridge.
5.There was a bread on the shelf.

1.There wasn't anything for free.
2.There wasn't a blue hat.
3.There wasn't a red chair.
4.There wasn't a yellow dress.
5.There wasn't a newpaper.

1.There were chairs in the classroom.
2.There were some people in this street yesterday.
3.There were four apples on the table.
4.There were some bread on the shelf.
5.There were two dogs in the park.

1.There weren't five pens on the desk.
2.There weren't some friends in the school.
3.There weren't a two dresses in the wardrobe.
4.There weren't some girls in the cinema.
5.There weren't a three pears on the table.

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