Last April ,six british students flew to Spitsbergen Island,Norway 800 miles from the North Pole,it was the experience of a lifetime.The students were the winners of a competition.They had to explain in 100 words why they wanted to go to the Arctic,and they had to show that mature enough to survive temperatures below zero,both day and night!
Here are some extracts from their Arctic diaries;
April 6th
Helen I didn't sleep much last night.I've never been so cold in all my life.I had a bottle of water next to my sleeping bag,but this morning it's frozen!
April 8th
Liz We've just finished building An igloo.We started five hours ago! It was really difficult cutting the ice.It feels warmer than In the tent.The boys haven’t finished Thiers yet!
April 10th
Tom We’ve about to fly to a remote Glacier and work with some scientists.I’ve never flown In a small plane like this,so I’m excited and nervous.The plane Has Got skis!
Julie We helpem the scintists yesterday.They’re investigating the effects of cli mate change.It felt strange wal king on the ice there because no one Has checked it for twenty years.
Conor We Saw some polar bears today.I’ve seen them In a zoo before,but i twa amazing aeeing them In their natural habitat.There are more polar bears than people In Spitsbergen,but you dont’t always see them.We were very lucky!
April 18th
Arjan The last two weeks have been incredible! I’ve always wanted to travel to unusual places.I really want to do it again,but definitely somewhere warmer next time!
Read the text and answer the questions.
1.What sort of person did the organisers want?Why?
2.How do you know it was very cold in the tents at night?
3.How long did it take the girls to make an igloo?
4.When did scientists last look at the glacier?
5.Why was Conor impressed when he saw the polar bears?
6.Has Arjan decided to return to Norway? Why?/Why not?
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They wont powerful peoplet to make Igloo's for them
becouse weathetr in the winter is so cold and the temperature is less than -30C
2 hours
Becouse he scared them becuuse they were angry and hangry
Yes, becouse he wont rescou uor planet and makes uur planet will be cleand and happy
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