Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In the future I want to be a Russian language translator. It's really good job. I ought to translate some texts or agreements. I'm going to earn a lot of money. I can travel around the world. I think if I learn hard I'll be aa excellent translator.

I don't want to be a doctor. It's very hard and unthankful job. I don't like blood. Doctor is a really meaningfull people but I don't want to be one of them. On the medical studies you have to learn a lot of biology. I don't know that I'll be the Russian language translator but I know that I won't be a doctor.
In future I want to translate languags aspecially russian. You may ask why? Its very difficult language. But I was learning it since I starts walking. My grandmother was from Russia and she was teaching me everything, speaking, writing. My grandmother is dead...I love her so much..And Im doing that for her.
In future I dont wanna be a doctor. Firstly, you have to study a lot. In a college you cannot go for a beers with friends and do unresponsable thing like a students used to do. You have to learn....Besides I hate lood. When I see blood I feel dizzy, world is spinning ariund then.