Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hey, I went to the store to shop around to return 15 Go down to the basement after a dinner salad and the pork. Is in the refrigerator. Later Karolka receive from the school.

Hej, poszłam do sklepu na zakupy wróce koło 15. Zejdż do piwnicy po surówkę a obiad odgrzej sobie. Jest w lodówce. Póżniej odbierz Karolka ze szkoły.

licze na najjj;*
Hey Sam !
You aren't at home and I hope You have keys to our apartment. I cannot be waiting for yyou because I have my driving lessons. I will be at home at 8 p.m. Dinner is in the owen in kitchen but You have to buy some vegetables and make some salat for dinner :) And I have a problem. I was thinking maybe You can catch up my baby from school? If there is no problem please do that for me. He is finished school at 7 p.m Thanks for help,
See you soon at home