• Użytkownik Zadane
Was Monday, when my friend called me and asked if I would go to the concert. I did not want to go, because I had to learn, but a friend convinced me to go because she had two tickets, so I agreed to. The next day we went to the concert. Began at oo. I have never been to such a concert, so I was very excited. I sat, listened and watched with great attention. Everything I liked and I was very pleased. When she finished the first part of the concert, people stood up and applauded, me too. I started waving to the artists, because everything I liked. To my surprise, no one answered, waving me, so I thought: 'What they are conceited, pomachają not even when the audience likes. "Suddenly, one of the men began waving to me. I was shocked, because he waved to me, I know this for sure . I knew then, and I know it now. But then a break and everything was back to normal. After the break, watched the second part of the concert, I also very pleased. The concert ended around oo. and all the artists went on stage. People like former stood up and applauded. I have the past while sitting, but once I did get up I saw that same man waving to me. When I stood up and looked at him, he has ceased to wave. At the same time, started waving to him, and he immediately began waving to me. Też looked at me. I do not know what happened, because suddenly I felt fell in love with him. It was a very strange feeling, something like an arrow, which went straight into my heart. I think he felt the same . I went out and I thought: "I'm in love, it is impossible for me to be in love with him." I must add that the artists were from another country. I will not say what country they were, but they are our neighbors. When I returned home, I thought Only about it. I could not sleep long, and when I woke up the next day promised myself that I find him. What I said, it began to do so. However, to date still looking for him, and nobody wants to help me. I asked many people for help, but they did not want or can not help me. But I think that one day I find him. As Hilary Duff sings, "In the end I find you, find you, in the end I find I am getting closer I know ...". Yes, I find it and tell him how long he was looking for and how much you love him. Yes, it was the most beautiful day of my life, I will never forget that day, and I will always love him, even if you do not find, I think so.
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