Cześć.Pomóżcie mnie angielski:-) Plis.Trzeba opisać jaką kolwiek miejscowość, w której jakoby odpoczywałaś.Oto po tym planie:
1.Where the place is and why you went there.
2.Further details about the place/weather conditions
3.What you saw and what you did there.
4.How you feel about the place and whether you recommend it or not.
Plis napiszcie mnie:-) Dam naj:-)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I was in Szczecin, this place is in the west side of Poland. I have family there, so i was there becouse my parents wanted to see them. Wheater was good, not to cold, not to hot, it didn't rain, but sometimes it was windy. I stayed at my aunt place. I was sleeping in one room with my cousin. I was in port, My cousin introduced me to her friends, we were in bar, discotec, and sailing. I have great memories from that place, I hope that I'm gonna come back there, in meantime, My cousin will arrive here.
I recommend this town, becouse it's a beautiful place, You can meet great people and breathe completely fresh air. ^^