Odpowiedz na pytania i je przetłumacz
1.Do you know who Robert Peter Williams is better known as?
2.When was he born?
3.Which band did he use to be with?
3.When is his birthday?
4.How many brothers na sisters does he have?
5.What does he look like?
6.How long was he in Take That?
7.Look at the song lyrics.Find phrases 1-3.Match them to their meaning a-c.
a)contemplate my fate
b)offers me protection
c)forsake me
a)looks after me
b)leaveme and not help me
c)think about my future
Proszę o pomoc:)z góry dzięki:)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.Czy wiesz ,jakokto znany jest Robert Peter Williams ?
Robert Peter Williams is known as a singer.
2.Kiedy się urodził?
He was born on February thirteenth, 1974.
3.W jakim zespole śpiewał /grał ?
Does not benefit from the band Take That.
4.Kiedy ma urodziny?
Thirteenth birthday is in February.
5.Ilu miał braci i sióstr?
No .... brothers .... sisters.
6.Jak on wygląda?
Has black hair. ....... eyes. He dresses neatly.
7.Jak długo byłw Take That ?
As Take That was until 1995.
8. -----tego ostatniego nie umialam zrobic ; )