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Hi Simone
Here are directions to the youth club.First, get the bus from your house to the High Street. Stop opposite the shopping centre. Then cross the main road and turn right into Queen Street. Go past the bank on the left and then turn left into White Road.The youth club is opposite the ice rink. You can't miss it !

1. Simone wants to go to (Mark's house / the youth club)
2. Simone (needs / doesn't need) to get a bus.
3. Simone needs to (get the bus / walk) from the shopping.
4. Simone needs to cross (one road / two roads).
5. You (can / can't) see the ice rink from the youth club.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. the youth club
2. needs
3. walk
4. one road
5. can
4 5 4