My dream house is very big, with lost of rooms, batrooms, and accommodations, where all my friends and my family can live. Large garden outside the house, pool with jacuzzi, and place for barbecue. It has been built on desert island. I Have my own small airport, and also seaport. My dream house it's a place where people are happy, where no body is bored, and everybody likes therselvs and each other. If You are alone and You don't have a place to stay, You can come here and live with us how long You want. ^^
The house of my dreams is located at the seaside near the beach.I can see many seagulls and I can hear hyde of the waves there.This house is small,it have red doors and the windows have yellow frames and many beautifull flowers .I have all necessary accessories in my kitchen so I can cook everything.My sitting room is the big so I can invite many friends here.It have one fireplace ,few armchairs and one table near TV.When someone come up to the window he can see the sea and people swimming in the water,children who playing.When i feel sleepy I can go to my bedroom where I have big bed with pink bedding.When I wake up I feel rested and I'm ready to begin the new day.