The defect and the advantage of flat in city
akapit -> I live in city and I am satisfied very, despite that I conducted from small hamlet here. I better was lived in city.
akapit -> I do not represent me flat in hamlet now, because a lot of shops were not there, mum found well paid works here and dad put trade firme.
We from kąd live in city then the mum buys me a lot of new the and pretty clothes, the dad more earns and I have in the end a lot of friends. It in hamlet in class was only 7 persons, and it at new school is until 28 persons. I have here a lot of friends and friends. There in city is a lot of modern things, I which would not can see in hamlet. I to school have kilometre and jeżdzę school bus, and I in hamlet had to go on legs 3 kilometres. The sport hall at school is and a lot of circles of interests and in hamlet this was not. I walk with friends czesto to cinema czy theatre, here rich cultural life is. They are the overcrowded centre of city overwhelming but better this than in order to to have not to who to speak, because it was in hamlet so. Flat in city is dangerous brdziej, because sa different assaults czy robberies but police is which looks after near school and I do not worry, that someone will assault me, from the rest mum often after me przyjeżdza to school. I more would fear about tate, because there is no him in house often, because still businesses, and all the time in the country was in little house with mum and they waited from dinner on table. Also a lot of dirts are in cities but who oneself it takes over with this now.
akapit -> I would not like to come back to hamlet, despite defects and the advantages of flat in city, to become the will in it be comprises.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1> Statistics
Over sixty percent of people in Poland live in big cities. Many families moved to cities after the Second World War - when it was easier to find some work and the place where he could live. This trend has a positive effect on trade and economy of the country but it is also a reason for prevalence of the problem - human loneliness.
2> About real Live in towns
In cities, the pace of life is higher, people are still somewhere in a hurry, they want as quickly as possible to deal with everything. What counts most is own career, and if one wants to have a better job, better position, you do not have time for social contacts, meetings with old friends and make new acquaintances. We are unable to combine professional and private life. Young people who came from behind to the Polish border, have complained that people here do not know how to find time for themselves, they are too busy and excited.
The big problem in big cities is overwhelming anonymity. Everything is so anonymous and unrecognizable. Cashiers in supermarkets, they see every day hundreds, if not thousands of people, so they are not able to remember, as we name. Only in small shops can still hear: "Hello, Mrs. Smith, how are you today is?" It's so sad. I sugest to my parrent's to live in the small wilage but they don't wont to hear me

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