Write a short story about interesting trip.
Here are some ideas to write about:
1. Where did you go? Who did you go with?
2. How did you travel?
3. What did you do?
4. What was interesting about the trip?
5. Did you enjoy the trip?

Remember to tell your story in the past tense and use linking words where necessary.
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Prosiłbym również by zacząć tak:
This is a story about an interesting trip....



This is story about interesting trip to Zakopane. It is in the mouintains. I was there with my parents. I got there by car because it's more comfortable than train. I climbed , went hiking, went to the swimming pool. Last day I was on Rysy. It was amazing. I climbed there for 6 hours. I felt very pleased. I very enjoy the trip I spend good time there.
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