1.Napisz zdania według wzoru używając przymiotników w stopniu najwyższym i uzasadnij swoją opinie.
Te przymiotnki to : friendly noisy tall lucky strong funny old attractive intelligent busy..
Oto przykład :
Thefriendliest person Iknow is joanna.
she always smiles and helps other people. itd.

2. wyraz swoja opinie według wzoru . Uzyj the best i the worst
-pet -tvprogramme -song at the moment -place to go on holiday

-magazine - actor/actress
przykład :
A.The best pet is a dog.
B. The worst pet is a snake itd.



-My telephone is the oldest thing in my house.
It doesn't comfortable to ring
-My brother is the strongest boy in my city.
He can puts up a car
-The tallest person who I know is my friend.
She eats only vegatable
-He is the most intelligent boy.
He know everything
-The worst band which I know is Tokio Hotel
-The best film which I see is A walk to remeber
-The worst place to spending free time is city
-The best TV programme is Big Brother
-The worst singer who i know is Mandaryna
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