Napisz kilka zdań na temat swojego ulubionego serialu, odpowiadając na poniższe pytania. ( Ma być o M jak miłość)
- What's the soap about ?
- Where does it take place?
- What happened in a recent episode ?
- What's heppenig at the moment ?
- What do you think will happen next ?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
M jak miłość is about big family and their life.
Mostowiakowie live in Grabina and Warszawa(Warsaw)
In the recent episode Marek cheated on his wife with Grażyna and after all breall off with his lover.
Piotr and (nie pamiętam ja sie jego żona nazywa) are getting married.
I think that it will turn out that Marysia works for mafia and her sons will be killed because they will hear something what they shouldn't have