Adam used to play tennis when she was a child.
I used to hate Patric but now I like him.
Karina used to be fat when she was younger.
When I was young I used to cheat during tests.
I don’t mind living here because I am used to loud music.
I used to smoke cigarettes. (Now I don't smoke.)
I used to learn less. (Now I learn more.)
I used to be a volunteer. (Now I'm not.)
I used to have a boyfriend. (Now I don't have.)
I used to listen loud music (Now I don't.)
I used to play video games when I was 5.
I used to play footbalI when I was 12.
I didn't use to cheat on exams.
I used to have a cool bike in the past.
I didn't use to argue with my parents when I was 10.