Zad.1 Napisz pytania i odpowiedzi na podstawie podpowiedzi.
1. A: bag/this B: Mark
A: Whose bag is this?
B: It's Mark's.
2. A: Cd player/that B: Nina
3. sunglasses/these B: James
4. A: pens/those B: our teacher
5. A: watch/this B: my friend
6. A: bikes/these B: my friends
7. A: car/that B: my parents

Zad. 2
Wybierz właściwe słowo.
Przykład: Is this (your)/yours bag?
2. That's my/mine bracelet
3. Our/Ours friends are very nice.
4. This is your/yours purse, and that is her/hers
5. Patrick and Nick are looking for their/theirs wallets.



2. Whose CD player is this? - It's Nina's
3. Whose sunglasses are these? - They're James'
4. Whose pens are those ? - They're our teacher's
5. Whose watch is this ? - It's my friend's
6. Whose bikes are these? They're my friends'
7. Whose car is that ? - It's my parents'

2. My
3. Our
4. your , hers
5. theirs
28 4 28
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Zad. 1
2. A: Whose CD player is that?
B: It's Nina's.
3. A: Whose sunglasses are these?
B: They're James'.
4. A: Whose pens are those?
B: They're our teacher's.
5. A: Whose watch is this?
B: It's my friend's.
6. A: Whose bikes are these?
B: They're my friends'.
7. A: Whose car is that?
B: It's my parents'.
Zad. 2
2. That's my bracelet.
3. Our friends are very nice.
4. This is your purse, and that is hers.
5. Patrick and Nick are looking for their wallets.
41 4 41
2) Is this youre bag?
that`s my braclet.

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