Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A : Good morning ! Thanks that Mrs. agree to grant an interview.
B: No problem.
A: Why are Mrs. interested in music?
B: My mother was a violinist, so I grew up in a house with a musician.
A: Why not classical music >
B I hate classical music and I was a rebellious teenager.
A: What it meant for Mrs. to win competitions when you’re six years old.
B: Did’t know of it, I was a child and I thought what to play with dolls.
A: Then opened the door to a career?
B: I think so. I started singing before matches.
A: How recollects working at the club “ Micky Mouse”
B: I was a child, but I met Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. It was a kind of survival.
A: Song of Mulan cartoons proved to be a hit, why Mrs. stopped to compose songs for the stories?
B: I did not receive any proposal.
A: First was a rebellious teenager, is now a mature woman. How changed Mrs. music?
B: As a teenager I wrote sharp cuts. Now I write songs about the life.
A: What caused that Mrs. Mature?
B: Wedding and my son.
A: Son was a turning point in your life?
B: Yes, of course. I realized that I had someone to live for somebody.
A: Recipe for a successful marriage?
B: We don’t sensationalism and we love yourself.
A: I wish Mrs. success in career and private life.
B: Thanks very much.
A; Thanks for a interview.
B: Goodbye.