Napisać wypracowanie my fitness club. Pytania pomocnicze:
-what's the name of your club and where is it?
-why is it the best? who goes there? (znani ludzie )
-what has the club got?
-how can people spend their time at the club?
-what specialists are there?
-how do people feel when they leave?

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My fitness club is in Warsaw. It's called "Be Fit!!!" .It is the best fitness club in the city. Why? Because there are a lot of modern equipments, that can make fit everybody without spending a lot of hours with training. For example, there are:
racing track, weights, stationary bicycles. Many Famous people regularly visit my club, for instance: Maciej Zakościelny, Anna Dereszowska, Magdalena Różdżka. When peole leave my club, they are very relaxed, and they usually have satisfaction from their effort.
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