Aries -The spoken word is a wonderful thing. It helps us to understand where we are going--why and how to get there. You are lucky today in relationships and finances.

Taurus-Your concentration in the work place is commendable; particularly with the distractions that this day holds. There are deadlines to meet, people to see and questions to be answered.

Gemini -To you, work is the greatest place to increase your friendships. Though you may prefer to be around old friends, you certainly will not close the door on making new ones.

Cancer -Any kind of work that requires precise thinking and concentration will be successful today. Do not however, let all this concentration isolate you from others.

Leo -Today you may fall under the heavy burden of responsibility--you will probably have to work hard to feel that you have made any headway this morning.

Virgo - You display an urge to be recognized by co-workers for hard work. There is a possibility that your work as a whole will come under review and you may feel that you need to have more self-assuredness in your presentations.

Libra - Change can be hard to contend with, but sometimes it is necessary. To ignore the unexpected events of today is to set you up for accidents and disruptions you cannot control.

Scorpio-There could be difficult times at work this Friday but you are hard working. Perhaps you discover some sort of obstacle in your path this day.

Sagittarius-You may find yourself feeling a certain contrariness today--an urge to disapprove of or disagree with everything and everybody around you.

Capricorn - In the work place--demands, whether they come from you or others, will progress along quite nicely, especially if you make sure there are no questions or misunderstandings.

Aquarius-Before you leave for work this morning, there are things between you and a loved one that need discussing. Be honest, state the facts, remove the emotions and you will be pleased at the positive results.

Pisces-You are stirred and you ready to put your problem-solving abilities to work. Friends or co-workers, in whom you relate on a social basis, may be mentally preoccupied today--do not take it the wrong way.

Chyba nie powinno być błędów ;p
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