We were waiting for the bus.
While she was reading, he called.
While Bob was working in the garage, someone stole his car.
Yesterday at 10 a.m., I was shopping.
Yesterday at 5 pm I was writing a letter.

It wasn't snowing yesterday.
I wasn't eating at 9 o'clock.
You weren't tiding your room at 3 o'clock.
We weren't go shopping.
It wasn't ride a bike

Were this morning studying your classmates?
Were you taking an exam at 9 o'clock?
Was it raining in Warsaw yesterday?
Were these boys playing with your toys when you came in?
Which boys were playing with your toys when...?

cos takiego!chyba bedzie licze na najj!!
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A)Tom was writing the letter all day yesterday.
Yesterday at about eight we were listening to the music.
He was studying English.
They were jumping and shouting.
I was working at home when I heard the news.
b)He wasn't working in the garden two days ago.
He wasn't buying any cigarettes.
We weren't reading books
They weren't playing tennis
I wasn’t singing
c)What were you doing on Friday?
What were you doing when the earthquake started?
What were you doing when you broke your leg?
What was he doing when he was running?
What was she doing when you was singing?