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Valentine's Day - the annual festival of lovers made for 14 February. The name comes from Saint. Valentine, whose liturgical feast is celebrated in the Catholic Church is also on that day.

Customary on this day is to send letters containing the confession of love (often written in verse). In the West, especially Britain and the United States venerated St. Valentine as a patron saint of lovers. February 14 became a chance to bestow a small Gift Shop

Valentine's Day in Poland

For the Polish celebration of Valentine's Day hit in the 90s Twentieth-century French culture and English-speaking countries and also with the cult of St. Valentine of Bavaria and Tyrol. This feast is competing for the title of the so-called. Holidays in love with native commonly known as the feast of the Slavic Kupala or bonfire night, celebrated on the night of 21 to 22 June.
Part of Polish society as a Valentine criticizes Americanism, displaces older, indigenous traditions. According to another argument, this festival was founded because of the stagnation of trade between Christmas and Easter.
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On 14 February is the feast of St. Valentine's otherwise known as Valentine's Day. It is a feast of love. This is a very special celebration. In Polish school students give each other postcards with the poems. Adult men give each other not only postcards but also with flowers or chocolates.

Po polsku:
Dnia 14 lutego odbywa się święto świętego Walentego znanego inaczej jako walentynki. Jest to święto zakochanych. Jest to bardzo wyjątkowe święto. W Polskich szkołach uczniowie obdarowują się pocztówkami z wierszykami. Ludzie dorośli obdarowują się nie tylko pocztówkami ale również kwiatami lub czekoladkami.
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In Poland, Valentine's day looks like in other countries.
We're telling our boyfriend/girlfriend that, we love him/her and giving him/her presents. That's very romantic day, but not for singles! :(
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