Byłes na wakacjach, opisz gdzie się zatrzymałes( mam na mysli np w hotelu z widokiem na morze) co robiłes, czy coś kupiłes, czy dobrze się bawiłes, czy miałes jakies problemy?
po angielsku proszę, dla ułatwienia podam pytania na które trzeba odpowiedzieć, krótko w jednym zdaniu.

1.Where did you stay?
2.What did you do?
3.Did you buy anything?
4.Did you have a good time?
5. Did you have any problems?



Five months ago I was at the Sopot on my holidays. We went there with my parents and sister by a big car called Navara. We lend it from our uncle Leszek. When we reached to the Bialka we had to find a hotel to stay. Sudenly we decided to stay at the "Lux Hotel". There were great, we were sunbathing and swimming but the water weren't as good as water in Croatia. Two days until come back we bought some memorabilias for our family and we went home.
It was my Best holidays ever.

Może być jak chcesz tłumaczenie pisz na privata.
These holidays I stayed in the hotel Hilton in the USA. In the day I went shopping and swam.I bought many souvenirs and clothes there. I have good time and I haven't any problems .
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.I stayed at beautiful hotel with view on the sea.
2.I was swimming in pool, diving in the sea and sunbathing on he beach.
3. Yes, I bought some souvenirs, for example t-shirt and figurine.
4. Yes, I had good time. it was amazing.
5. Yes, I had one problem with tap in bathroom, but plumber had come and repaired it.