Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
"Expedition of life"

Holidays are comming!My father and mother think to where to live. They say : London,Paris,Spain and i told them to
live to Sahara in Africa.They agree with me and the next day we pack dresser to the backpack.I good bye with my friends
and we ride to airport.Aircraft are late 2,5 hours. Start was easy but latter horror.There was turbulations and my family
was frighten . The Aircraft was shoot by Talibians. We lot down and we crash on small island.My dad was broke a leg , my mom
arm and I nothing.Arround ass was big forest and it was give terrible voices annimals and meybe cannibals.I don't meet nobody of
they.I collect fruit: oranges,raspberries,bananas and coconuts . My father was catch fish and my mother was cooking something.
We wait for help . We build shelter and on the beach we collect dry grass and much of sticks to fire them when the aircraft
will be fly on the sky. Whe wait meyby 30 days and we saw one the sea small ship . We burn sticks and we shout to him very hard.
They help ass and we course to home safely.The holidays end good and happy.They was the best holidays on my life.
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