Napisać o moim ulubionym bohaterze z serialu. (angielski)

W 1 paragrafie. Coś o serialu w jakim gra, jego rodzaj, gdzie się rozgrywa i o czym ogólnie jest.

W 2 paragrafie o charakterze bohatera., imię, co robi, wygląd.

W 3 paragrafie Why do I like my charakter and the soap his/her in ?

200-250 słów.



My favourite actor is Shane West who plays in famous film about love and school-A walk to remeber.The action takes place in the town called Beaufort.This film directed by Adam Shankman could be a perfect choice. The film offered watch real love, sacrifice and how to makes dreams come true despite fatal disease. This movie is broaching hearts.The action takes place in the town called Beaufort.
Landon Carter who play handsome Shane West is the student at Beaufort High school but he hasn't got any plans on future. He is reckless and self confident, he scoffs at weaker. It all change when London meets Jamie Sullivan (charming Mandy Moore) the daughter of the Baptist minister. Jamie is a calm and serious girl, without many friends. She's religious and conservative. She is very sensitive person and she have a lot of dreams, but on her way is terrible handicap, she will die for few months... but before that she had married Landon and fulfilled her dreams.