Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I think that the world will be much different in the year 2040.
There will be no separate countries, but one big community.
Everybody will speak one language which will be similar to English , French and German. There will be no money and everybody will use a special cards with a little computer inside. The legal tender will exist only in this computer and it will be world population who will replace contemporary governments. This person - a man or a woman - will be the wisest , the kindest and the nicest person of all. He or she will have a big computer which will help to rule the world.
There will be no wars because people will be happy and relaxed . they will have all things they might need and they will be no hunger or poverty. they will be no crimes or robberies because everybody's needs will be satisfied. All people will have jobs and they will be able to earn enough to live comfortable. Shops will be full of goods whicheverybody will be able to afford. Food will be ecological and natural . It will be fresh and delicious.
There will be no diseases of any kind. All people will be very healthy and fit.
The air will be polluted and dirty.

Na razie nie mam więcej pomysłów :(
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