Zamień na stronę bierną:
1. Normally, they provide us with it.
2. Why didn't you say that earlier?
3. Who gave you my address?
4. Has anyone seen my key?
5. She usually cleans my office. She last cleaned it on Friday.
6. He uses this pen only on special occasions.
7. You should not iron these curtains.
8. You cannot disturb them now.
9. They were laughing at him all the time.
10. He did not introduce me to his mother-in-low.
11. Have they bought the flowers yet?

jeśli odp będą w miarę sensowne, wybiorę najlepszą ;)



1. Normally, we are provided with it.
2. Why wasn't it said earlier by you?
3. Who was my address given by?
4. Has my key seen by anyone?
5. My office is usually cleaned by her. It was cleaned last on Friday.
6. This pen is used by him on special occasions.
7. These curtains shouldn't be ironed.
8. They cannot be disturbed now.
9. He was being laughing at all the time.
10. I wasn't introduced to his mother-in-low by him.
11. Have the flowers bought yet by them?

Tak mi się wydaje ;)